Business Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance Cost

Posted Oct. 17, 2018 by Amy Danise
Workers comp insurance costs an employer an average of $74 a week per employee. We’ll help you understand how costs are determined. Read more »

Product Liability Insurance

Posted Oct. 16, 2018 by Jason Metz
Product liability insurance covers a business from lawsuits if products cause injury, illness or property damage. Here’s what you need to know. Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance Explained

Posted Oct. 16, 2018 by Amy Danise
Workers compensation insurance covers workers’ medical bills and some lost wages if they can’t work due to job-related injuries. Here’s how it works. Read more »

Understanding a Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Posted Oct. 10, 2018 by Jason Metz
A business owners policy (BOP) combines general liability insurance, property insurance, business interruption insurance and other customizable coverage. Read more »

Restaurant Insurance: A Menu of Options

Posted Oct. 3, 2018 by Jason Metz
Restaurant insurance typically combines several coverage types to meet all of a restaurant’s needs. Here are options to consider. Read more »

What Insurance Do I Need For a Cafe?

Posted Oct. 3, 2018 by Jason Metz
When you’re shopping for insurance for a small cafe, you can mix and match coverage types to best fit business needs. Read more »

Food Truck Insurance

Posted Oct. 2, 2018 by Jason Metz
Food trucks need a combination of insurance coverage types. Here’s what to consider when buying food truck insurance. Read more »

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Posted Sept. 27, 2018 by Jason Metz
Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) protects a business against claims that it did not provide services that were expected or promised. It is sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance. Read more »

Cheap Small Business Insurance

Posted Sept. 27, 2018 by Amy Danise
Finding cheap small business insurance lets you put more money toward other business priorities. Here are a few key ways to find low-cost small business insurance. Read more »

Commercial Auto Insurance Requirements by State

Posted Sept. 26, 2018 by Amy Danise
See state laws about commercial auto insurance requirements for passenger carriers, freight trucks, hazardous-substance haulers and other vehicle types. Read more »