Car Insurance

Auto Insurance for Older Cars

Posted Sep 01, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You might have thought all car insurance policies were similar. But insuring an old car isn’t necessarily the same as insuring a brand new make and model. There’s intrinsic value that comes along with an old car and here’s how to remain protected.

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Motorcycle Insurance: All You Need to Know

Posted Aug 24, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You love your bike. The freedom that comes with a weekend ride on the wide-open road can’t be matched with just anything. Of course, you also want your bike to be protected. Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance coverage.

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Short-Term Auto Insurance

Posted Aug 21, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Planning a long road trip but don’t own a vehicle? About to make the move into the city and already sold your car? There are many possible reasons that short-term car insurance might be for you. Here’s what you need to know.

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Car Insurance With Suspended License

Posted Jul 23, 2015 by Ashley Kane

So your driver’s license was suspended. It’s not always easy to get back on the road after a suspension. Here’s some must-know information to be aware of. Find car insurance coverage and learn how to keep your premium rate down. 

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Vehicle Telematics: Explained

Posted Jul 17, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Prepare for the new buzzword. Vehicle telematics are here to stay, and are likely to become even more integrated into our daily lives. Haven’t heard of them? Let us catch you up on how this technology will change the way you drive. 

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Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

Posted Jul 15, 2015 by Ashley Kane

To an insurer, high-risk means one thing – you’re more likely to file a claim than an average driver. As a result, once drivers are classified as high-risk, their premiums automatically increase, sometimes hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to save.

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Do Car Insurance Carriers Differ?

Posted Jul 14, 2015 by Ashley Kane

When it comes down to it, aren’t all car insurance companies the same? They offer similar policies with identical coverage options and relative rates making it difficult to determine the ideal option. Here are the differences to look out for.

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Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Risks

Posted Jul 13, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Cars are valuable assets, and yet when you think about it, they aren’t in use much of the time. Here’s how to use your car to its full advantage with Peer-to-Peer car sharing. However, before you sign up, learn about the risks involved.

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Auto Insurance for Low-Income Drivers

Posted Jul 06, 2015 by Ashley Kane

There’s nothing cheap about owning a car. Between the upkeep of repairs, required maintenance like inspections and oil changes, the fluctuating cost of gas, and car insurance, it’s hardly affordable. What can low-income drivers do?

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Fake Car Insurance Policies: How to Spot Them

Posted Jul 06, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You searched around for a good deal on auto insurance and decided to go with a smaller company. How do you know if your car insurance policy is legitimate? 

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