Car Insurance

Parking Tickets & Auto Insurance

Posted Oct. 6, 2016 by Ashley Kane

We all know the feeling. You returned to your meter a few minutes late, but the reader expired and there’s a bright orange ticket on your dash. Or you were stressed out driving in an unfamiliar city and parked illegally.

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Running a Red Light, Stop Sign & Auto Insurance

Posted Sept. 23, 2016 by Ashley Kane

It’s a split second decision. The traffic signal a block or two ahead changes to yellow—you either hit the brakes to slow down or you speed up. Approximately, 63 people die each month due to red light running crashes.

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Average Cost of Auto Insurance

Posted Sept. 12, 2016 by Jason Metz

Here’s the way it works. Drivers are happy they have car insurance, especially when they end up in an accident and need to use it, but usually they just aren’t very excited to pay the premium cost.

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Illegal Turns & Auto Insurance

Posted Aug. 17, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Perhaps you were lost in a new city and made a wrong turn or you took an illegal turn because you were simply trying to save a little time. That’s when you saw the police lights in your rearview mirror.

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Auto Insurance Declaration Page

Posted Aug. 11, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Most of us understand that we need car insurance, but we might not understand the details behind it. The purchasing process can be overwhelming and the industry’s jargon may not always feel accessible. Let us help you understand an auto insurance declaration page.

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Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License & Car Insurance

Posted Aug. 10, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Maybe you left your license at home—an honest mistake, a lost wallet, an ID left behind at a restaurant. Or, perhaps, your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked and you were caught behind the wheel.

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Auto Insurance Limits

Posted Aug. 5, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Perhaps, you’ve heard conflicting advice. Some people say to always go with the higher deductible and minimum coverage limits to pay less for car insurance. Other times, you might have heard to protect your assets and raise your coverage limits.

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Hit-and-Run & Auto Insurance

Posted Aug. 4, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Leaving the scene of an accident is dangerous and can have serious consequences. There are several actions that should be taken following a car crash, and leaving is not one of them. Here’s what you need to know.

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Auto Insurance Basics

Posted Aug. 1, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Maybe you bought your first vehicle or you’re just shopping around for a new car insurance policy. While insurance can be straightforward; more often than not, the details are confusing. Here’s the most important information that all drivers should be aware of.

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5 Unexpected Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Posted July 28, 2016 by Ashley Kane

You have probably heard about the common factors that affect car insurance: location, vehicle model, driver’s age, and gender. Yet what about all the other factors that influence the final price—things that you can control?

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