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A Not-At-Fault Car Crash May Still Raise Your Premium, Study Says

Posted Feb 21, 2017 by Ashley Kane

recent study by the Consumer Federation of America found that many auto insurance companies raise premiums when drivers get into car accidents, even when those accidents are not their fault. The study analyzed quotes in ten cities.

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NJ Drivers Pay the Highest Premiums in the Country

Posted Feb 16, 2017 by Ashley Kane

A new report found that New Jersey drivers have paid the highest car insurance premiums in the nation for five consecutive years. The NAIC analyzed rates from 2010 to 2014 and found that the Garden State paid more per vehicle.

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Colorado Car Insurance Rates Increasing by 15%

Posted Feb 03, 2017 by Ashley Kane

On average, drivers can expect to pay 15% or more on their next policy. Why the rate hike? The number of filed claims in Colorado is increasing, in part because of the growing number of people moving to the state.

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Arizona May Increase Mandated Auto Insurance

Posted Jan 24, 2017 by Ashley Kane

State lawmakers in Arizona want drivers to purchase more auto insurance to pay for the harm they cause to others in car accidents. Currently, Arizona drivers only need to purchase liability coverage at figures that have not changed since 1972.

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U.S. DOT Announces New Federal Committee of Automation

Posted Jan 18, 2017 by Ashley Kane

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is establishing a new advisory committee focused on automation across several modes. The committee plans to work on and discuss a number of different matters relating to automation and transportation.

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Oregon, Texas & Washington Consider New Distracted Driving Laws

Posted Jan 09, 2017 by Ashley Kane

It may only be a few days into the new year, but multiple states are already looking to implement stricter distracted driving laws in 2017. Texas, Washington and Oregon are considering proposed bills that expand distracted driving legislation.

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Usage-Based Insurance Expected to Grow $123 Billion

Posted Jan 03, 2017 by Ashley Kane

A new study found that the global usage-based insurance market is expected to grow to $123 billion from 2016 to 2022. The growth is expected to be at a rate of 36.4% and North America will likely grow the fastest.

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Car Insurance Rates Increase in Illinois, Smart Cars May Be to Blame

Posted Dec 19, 2016 by Ashley Kane

If you own a car and drive in Illinois, your auto insurance rate may be higher next time you renew. Major carriers have upped their premium rates, citing an increase in filed claims that are also larger in size.

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Uber Asks PennDOT to Delay Self-Driving Car Rules

Posted Dec 09, 2016 by Ashley Kane

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released proposed guidelines for self-driving cars that would allow the state to access Uber’s data about how their driverless cars are performing in Pittsburgh. Uber is asking the agency to delay rules until legislation passes.

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Missing Out On Sleep Can Be As Dangerous as Drunk Driving, Study Finds

Posted Dec 08, 2016 by Ashley Kane

A new study by the AAA Foundation found that drowsy driving can have deadly driving consequences. Drivers who get less than 5 hours of sleep have a crash risk that is comparable to motorists driving drunk.

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