On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released proposed guidelines for self-driving cars that would allow the state to access Uber’s data about how the company’s driverless cars are performing in Pittsburgh. The “Automated Vehicle Testing Policy” would also allow regulators to dictate what kinds of roads they can be tested on, in certain instances.

The policy areas that cause the most concern for autonomous car companies are the sections that state they must submit testing proposals to PennDOT and sign contracts stating the cars meet both federal and state requirements. The companies must also inform the state before self-driving cars are tested without human drivers.

Uber responded by asking PennDOT to wait for state legislation before implementing such testing rules. The company wants the transportation agency to form a simpler policy for now and wait for state Legislature to pass a self-driving cars testing law.

Both Uber and General Motors have concerns that the policy would delay advancement of automated vehicles and both companies are against providing the total miles traveled or hours tested of their driverless cars.

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Source: CNBC

Photo credits: Uber, PennDOT