Money Saving Tips

How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

Posted March 14, 2018 by Jason Metz

Here are the national median costs for a funeral with a burial versus cremation, as well as a breakdown of some of the costs associated with planning a funeral.

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How College Graduates Can Find Cheap Car Insurance

Posted June 1, 2017 by Jason Metz

If you’re going to drive, car insurance is mandatory. And while rent and entry-level jobs don’t always make for the most flexible of budgets, here’s a handful of ways to help you potentially save some cash and find cheaper car insurance.

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7 of the Costliest Car Expenses

Posted Aug. 18, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Cars are costly. By now, you’ve probably have had your fill of experiences with repairs and unexpected costs. Curious about which are the most costly? Learn the signs to watch out for so that you don’t have to spend money on preventable repairs.

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How Much Does a New Car Depreciate?

Posted Aug. 17, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You’ve heard about depreciation, but do you know about its effects on new vehicles? It’s actually the greatest single car expense. Take a look at how devaluation works over time and weigh out the pros and cons to make the best decision for you.

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13 Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money

Posted Aug. 8, 2014 by Matt Cullen

If you’ve stuck with good budgeting and saving habits all the way to a good credit score, congrats. If not, turn your financial situation around with a revised strategy. Studies show that when you have a detailed plan, you’re more likely to succeed. Take action with our list of easy improvements to get to your personal finance happy place.

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9 Creative Ways to Save Money

Posted July 25, 2014 by Matt Cullen

Some people save money with coupons and a change jar. Yawn. Fortunately for the rest of us, frugality comes in all shapes and sizes. Try out these nine ideas for cutting back on expenses, and having fun while you do it.

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7 Ways to Save a Dollar

Posted July 16, 2014 by Matt Cullen

Saving money doesn't have to be painful. You can set aside money and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle by cutting down on waste and by handling your funds wisely. Start with these seven strategies for automating and monitoring your saving, so that your saving is effective and effortless.

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Wisely Manage Your Money with 5 Simple Tips

Posted July 10, 2014 by Matt Cullen

If you’ve strayed from your New Year's resolutions, we’ve crafted a mid-year pick-me-up for your personal finances. And if your finances didn’t make it onto your list of 2014 resolutions, July is as good a time as any to get on track. Use these five foolproof practices to improve your personal finances and your money management skills, no matter what month.

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Shakespeare in the Park and 6 More Summer Budget Tips

Posted June 28, 2014 by Alexis O'Connell

This June I binge watched Orange is the New Black in the comfort of my air-conditioned room, watched the World Cup games from barstools across Boston, and jammed out at a 3-day music festival. In the midst of all the fun, my savings shrunk. Here's how I plan to recover my money management in July without sacrificing any entertainment.

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7 Summer Travel Hacks to Save Money

Posted June 16, 2014 by Alexis O'Connell

Learn some quick tricks for saving on summer travel, whether or not you've already bought your plane ticket. Sure, vacation is a time to indulge. But you can make the most of your getaway funds with a few easy travel hacks. Peace of wallet, peace of mind. Ahhh.

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