How Your State Department of Insurance Can Help You

Posted Sep 05, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

When it comes to specific, personalized questions regarding insurance policies and regulations, you might want to turn to a resource that is more tailored than a quick Google search. That’s where your state’s insurance department can help you out.

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What to Do If Your Car Is Broken Into

Posted Jul 24, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Although vehicle alarm systems and anti-theft devices are strong preventative accessories, car break-ins are still prevalent nationwide. As security technologies evolve, thieves seem to adapt to these changes. What should you do if you experience a break-in?

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Car Insurance for Older Drivers: How Aging Affects Your Quote

Posted Jun 07, 2017 by Jason Metz

Drivers in their 50’s and 60’s are considered to be in good health, with quick reflexes and reliable hearing and vision. As such, premiums typically decrease as we reach middle age. However, once you reach the age of 65, your insurer may increase your premiums.

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How Does a Traffic Violation Affect Car Insurance Quotes?

Posted Jun 02, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

One of the biggest factors that auto insurance companies look into when determining a customer’s rates and premiums is your driving history, particularly the amount of tickets you’ve gotten.

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How College Graduates Can Find Cheap Car Insurance

Posted Jun 01, 2017 by Jason Metz

If you’re going to drive, car insurance is mandatory. And while rent and entry-level jobs don’t always make for the most flexible of budgets, here’s a handful of ways to help you potentially save some cash and find cheaper car insurance.

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Can Going with a Smaller Insurance Company Save You Money?

Posted May 08, 2017 by Jason Metz

According to a January 2017 survey, 39 percent of U.S policyholders have never shopped their auto insurance for a better rate. As a result, many customers simply renew their policy year after year, potentially missing out on savings.

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Does Credit Score Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Posted May 01, 2017 by Jason Metz

Does your credit score affect your car insurance premium? Yes. Unless you live in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts, states that have banned insurers from using credit data to price premiums, your credit score plays a role in how much you pay for car insurance, for better or worse. Now here's what to do.

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Posted Feb 10, 2017 by Ashley Kane

You want to be insured but you don’t want to waste your money. We get it. Life insurance is all about protecting yourself (and your family or beneficiaries), but it can be expensive. Here’s how to determine what you need.

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How Does Life Insurance Work?

Posted Feb 10, 2017 by Ashley Kane

So maybe you already have auto and home insurance and understand how those coverages operate. They protect your car and home. Yet what about life insurance? How does it protect your life? Here’s how life insurance works.

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What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Posted Dec 09, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Trust us, we know there are a lot of insurance terms out there. Perhaps, you’ve heard of umbrella insurance while learning about other forms of liability protection. Here’s a breakdown so you can decide whether or not you need it.

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