Safe Driving

EverDrive Safe Driving App Launch

Posted April 6, 2016 by Matt Cullen

We are proud to announce the release of our free safe driving app, EverDrive™!

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Car Connectivity Risks and Implications

Posted Dec. 14, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Wireless car connectivity sounds great at first, giving you access to your mobile device and navigation. Except, with the recent Jeep Cherokee hack, who feels safe behind the wheel? Here’s what happened and where we’re headed.

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AT&T Hits Close to Home With 4-Minute PSA

Posted Dec. 3, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Does the scare tactic work? Whether it’s from government agencies, phone companies, or safety committees, there are a lot of tactics used to try and get you to drive safer. Check out the latest and reconsider driving distracted next time you’re on the road.

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5 Most Expensive Traffic Violations

Posted Aug. 27, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You likely didn’t intend to break the road rules during a recent violation. Yet, the bottom line is that such offenses can be costly. Find out which traffic violations will cost you the big bucks and start driving safer today.

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9 Summer Driving Hazards

Posted Aug. 25, 2015 by Ashley Kane

We’re in August and the summer is heating up with more humidity, beach days, and vacations.  Yet with all those activities, there are also more car insurance claims and vehicle damages. Enjoy the summer, just watch out for these hazards.

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Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Posted Aug. 14, 2015 by Ashley Kane

With the summer weather, more and more cyclists are on the roads. While you may be one yourself, or be frustrated with cyclists all together, here’s some tips on how to get along so everyone arrives safely. 

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Electric Car Myths and Misconceptions

Posted July 30, 2015 by Ashley Kane

In recent years, green vehicles have become much more popular and commonplace. Yet while the interest around electric cars has certainly grown, so have the myths. Let us help you sort the truths from the misconceptions.

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Defensive Driving: 10 Tips

Posted July 3, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Summer practically requires travel. Everyone’s out and about, travelling to the beach, visiting friends, going to music festivals, or simply staying out late to enjoy the longer, warm-weathered days. Here are some defensive driving tips to stay safe on the roads.

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10 Cities with the Most Vehicle Thefts

Posted July 2, 2015 by Ashley Kane

How safe is your city? Do you live in an area with a high amount of thefts? We all leave our cars unattended from time to time. See which cities rank highest for vehicle theft and learn what steps you can take to protect your car.

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What Causes Road Rage & How to Stay Calm

Posted June 25, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Summertime is the season of beautiful weather, abundant cookouts, beach days, and…traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. Unfortunately, with more cars on the road, there’s also more road rage. Which of these driving behaviors sets you off?

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