There are many attempts taken to get drivers to be safer on the roads. Sometimes, alarming statistics are thrown out, numbers that hopefully cause you to step back and reconsider rushing from place to place. Other times, it’s just one shocking photograph, in true minimalistic fashion, urging you to stop driving so recklessly. Or perhaps, it’s a 4-minute long video that keeps you on the edge of your seat, anxious and absolutely terrified.

The latter is the tactic AT&T used in its most recent advertisement for the It Can Wait campaign.

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Maybe you think you’re desensitized from advertisements. That none of it really reaches you, regardless of whether it’s funny or serious or just trying to persuade you to do something. Nope, you think, I’m better than that. It’s just an ad. It’s promoting something.

Well, think again. Watch AT&T’s Close to Home ad below and then let us know how you feel.




The truth is that 7 out of 10 drivers admit to engaging in smart phone activities as they drive, and many assume they can do so safely. But is any text, photo, or tweet really worth a life?


Distraction is distraction and when you’re operating a 4000-pound vehicle, why risk it?

Look around at any public setting, whether a restaurant, bar, concert, or gathering. Even when people are hanging out together, with each other, you’ll likely see many of them glued to their phones. If it’s so hard for us to put away devices when we’re with each other, then you can imagine how hard it is when we’re alone. As a result, drivers who are alone in their cars, stuck in traffic, cruising on the highway…that’s when reaching for the phone may seem tempting, almost like second-nature. Yet do what you can to think twice. Maybe use some technology to help you, or you can always scare yourself into driving safe with these other PSAs.