Photo by Instagram 

Dangerous drivers are out there tailgating on the highway, weaving through lanes of traffic, rolling through stop signs, and speeding through school zones.

And by the grace of twenty-first century technology, these bad drivers are all over social media.

We combed Instagram for social-sharing road threats and found them committing a variety of dangerous driving acts in shades of Valencia and Lo-Fi. Let’s take a look at what these distracted drivers with vintage inclinations do, besides make road rage hard to resist.

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1. They watch FIFA.

We love keeping up the FIFA World Cup. Heck, the games are even playing on monitors in our office. These Instagramming soccer fans, however, have a dangerous dedication to FIFA viewing.

Committed? Yes. Patriotic? Perhaps. Safe? Absolutely not. photo credit photo credit

2. They take selfies.

There are more than 12,700 Instagrammed photos tagged with “#drivingselfie,” and thousands more driving selfies roam Instagram without the hashtag.

The standard selfie-snapper is a lone wolf driver, though they also travel in packs: photo credit These Instagrammers have forgotten Rule #1 of driving: Keep your eyes on the road. Have a little patience—you can take selfies until your thumb is sore when you arrive safely at your destination.

3. They eat.

Unlike FIFA-watching and selfie-taking, we are biologically bound to eating. Still, merging your meal time with your morning commute is a not a healthy decision.

This driver might #eatclean but she certainly doesn’t drive safely: photo credit

4. They take selfies while eating.

Attempting to feed, film, and drive yourself simultaneously looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

Sure, cookies and ice cream make a beautiful fusion. Eating dessert while driving while wielding a camera? Not so much. photo credit  

5. They speed.

Turns out bad drivers still prefer an 'ole classic—speeding—to these new-fangled selfies. Nearly 150,000 Instagrammed photos are tagged with “#speeding,” and a host of users has successfully captured—and filtered—their run-ins with the law. photo credit photo credit Others prefer to capture their reckless driving in real-time. Because it’s only logical to distract yourself with your smartphone while going 100 miles an hour… photo credit

6. They talk on the phone.

It’s not uncommon to see drivers like this one on the road. C’mon, dude, coffee and conversation go together. Don’t let your bad driving third wheel. photo credit

7. They text.

Don’t text while driving. We repeat: don’t text while driving. It’s one of the easiest ways to avoid getting into an accident—26% of car accidents involve a cell phone.

Don’t text while driving a car... photo credit Nor while driving a delivery truck... photo credit Nor while driving a moped... photo credit Nor while driving a boat... photo credit Nor while on a bicycle... photo credit Nor while on horseback... photo credit Fingers crossed that the people snapping pictures of these bad drivers were pedestrians.

Let us learn from the dangerous ways of our photo-sharing peers. Drive safe out there! If the temptation is still too much, maybe try out some cell blocking technology.