There's nothing more Hollywood than a car chase.

And it's probably a good thing that the film industry continues to churn out impossibly dramatic driving scenes. It allows the rest of us to vicariously satisfy our reckless driving desires, rather than taking to the streets ourselves.

We rounded up the cream-of-the-crop movie car chase scenes that people raved about on Twitter so that you can sit back, relax, and leave it to the film stars and the stunt pros.

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The 1998 classic starring Robert De Niro is fantastic indeed. This car chase has been heralded for its flawless combination of skilled stunt driving, seamless editing, and on-site execution. The chase scene, featuring a BMW and a Peugeot going head-to-head on the streets of Paris, lasts nearly seven minutes and builds up an absurd amount of suspense solely with the sound of shifting gears.


The Italian Job



We’re not sure if she’s talking about the 1969 original or the 2003 remake, but we can’t resist talking about the souped-up mini coopers in the latter. According to IMDB, 32 Mini Coopers were used while shooting the 2003 film, one of which now resides in an Oxford museum because of its unique two-steering wheels designed for stunt driving. In addition to the Minis, this movie has scheming, stacks of gold, and Edward Norton playing an evil guy named Steve—what’s not to love?


The Raid 2



If you haven’t seen The Raid 2 in its entirety, its car chase scene looks like an UberX caravan turned horribly sour. But that’s not intended to diminish this raved-about car chase. With agile in-vehicle combat, impressive building demolition, and dangerous driving teamwork, The Raid 2 sets the standard for modern car chase scenes.


Pineapple Express



Pineapple Express wasn’t the first film that came to mind with the mention of “car chase,” but as soon as we thought back to the ridiculous antics in this beloved stoner comedy, it made perfect sense. Watching James Franco’s character evade the cops in a stolen, slurpee-splattered police car with his leg jammed through the windshield is just as entertaining as it sounds.





The car chase scene in Bullitt, the 1968 classic starring Steve McQueen, is debatably film’s most famous, even decades later. Film critic Emanuel Levy says that the chase scene “revolutionized Hollywood’s standards.” An exciting mixture of stunt driving, film editing, and novelty, this chase laid the foundations for epically dangerous driving in movies.


Blues Brothers



The chase scene in the Blues Brother is a little sillier than your average action-packed driving showdown, but that doesn’t make the damage any less serious. According to IMDB, the 1980s flick set a world record by wrecking 103 cars during filming. The famous Bluesmobile is a 1974 Dodge Monaco, now a collector’s item.


Cars 2



This Twitter user makes a point: it’s a whole new can of worms when the car itself is a sentient being. Before we get wrapped up in the existential question of cartoon vehicles, however, we’ll just recognize the superb (albeit animated) backwards driving of Mater as he tries to avoid blowing up his buddy.


Fast and Furious 5



We’re not sure who could sleep through the scene in which a gang of street racers drag an actual bank vault around the streets of Rio de Janeiro, but we appreciate the words of wisdom. It pains us to pick only one chase scene from the Fast and Furious films, but we have no qualms with throwing this ludicrous (and scientifically impossible) chase scene onto our list of favorites.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day



The chase scene in Terminator 2 is a bit of a stretch for this list, though not for lack of adrenaline-inducing driving. Technically, this chase doesn’t involve any cars—only a pair of motorcycles and a semi-truck. But since this high speed stint through LA has established itself as an iconic example of hero-driving-away-from-fiery-wreckage, we can’t in good conscience exclude it from the list.