June is here and with it comes the sweet anticipation of the summer months ahead. However with the warmer weather and fun in the sun, there are also serious precautions to take.

The summer months can be dangerous, especially on the road, and thus it’s fitting that June is National Safety Month. Organizations across the nation will work to raise awareness this month about what is needed to stay “Safe for Life.”

According to the National Safety Council, preventable injuries are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. and a variety of risks follow us throughout life from childhood to old age.

National Safety CouncilTop Risks and How to Prevent Them:

  • Under 12 months: Accidental mechanical suffocation is the greatest risk for babies and infants. Education and removal of all hazards from a child’s crib can help prevent these deaths.

  • Ages 1 to 24: Traffic crashes are the greatest risk for this age group, and nearly 21 preventable deaths occur each day. Considering that nearly 101 people die in car accidents in the United States each day, it’s likely that there are even more preventable deaths occurring. To decrease this statistic, drivers need to stop distracted driving, learn safe habits and focus only on the road.

  • Ages 25 to 64: Poisoning, generally from pain medications, is the largest risk for this age group with 92 preventable deaths occurring daily. Prevention tips include asking doctors about alternatives and taking small doses.

  • Ages 65 and older: Falls are the most dangerous risk for seniors and elderly, with 69 preventable deaths occurring each day. Safety grab bars, better lighting and helping aids can help change this statistic.

Awareness is the first step to decreasing these unfortunate numbers. Spread the word that June is National Safety Month so we can all work to change behavior. Stay safe this month and every month!