Wednesday. Hump day. The mid-week struggle.

If your eyes are glazed over, staring at this very screen and wishing it was Thursday, we've got good news.

At least there's not a tree on your car.

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If a gnarled tree trunk, felled by the unstoppable forces of mother nature and gravity, isn't nestled in the metal frame of your vehicle, congratulations. You're having a better Wednesday than these crushed car owners.

photo credit Too early for a Whomping Willow reference?

photo credit Sorry, Ron. Your car has gone into the Forbidden Forest.

photo credit Tree damage: 2. Cars in driveway: 0.

photo credit This user says, “I'm glad I don't own a car!” and proceeds to Instagram the misfortune of those who do.

photo credit “Throwback to one of the worst days ever. #tbt #treefelloncar." Alright, Thursday can also stink.

photo credit “Jimmy's grandmoms car," this Instagrammer captions.

photo credit Plot twist: the threat was inside the gate.

photo credit And that was only the branch...

photo credit This guy knows how to look on the bright side: "Having a bad day? At least this isn't your car! #treeoncar #stormaftermath #crusher.”

photo credit Good instagram, bad damage...

photo credit The hashtags tell all: “#mothernaturevsmanmademachine #mothernaturewins.”

photo credit The White Tree of Gondor smashes a sedan.

photo credit We're not sure if this is a felled tree or an extreme jousting match.

There's no question here, however...

photo credit photo credit photo credit And finally, this Vine user explains the irony of open space:

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Tree Damage:

  • Listen to summer storm warnings and park your car in a garage, if possible. If not, park close to a building rather than out in the open.
  • Make sure that you have comprehensive insurance coverage, which covers storm damages.
  • Take photos of any damages, and report them to your insurance company immediately.