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Understanding life insurance

The importance of life insurance

Life insurance is an important element of a family's financial planning. Someone's unexpected death can be a huge financial blow. A life insurance benefit can provide money for daily expenses, for a family to continue to stay in a house and to make sure children's college plans aren't derailed.

Thinking about buying life insurance is a smart move. Life insurance is frequently purchased when you get married, buy a house or have children. These life events usually increase financial obligations.

It's best to buy life insurance when you have financial obligations, like children, but even the best planners don't buy policies right away. No matter your life stage, if you need life insurance it's a wise move to buy now. Life insurance quotes will increase every year you age, and will go up if you develop health conditions.

You can buy life insurance in an amount and length that suits the needs you want to cover. These often include:

Income replacement

Your annual salary multiplied by the number of years you want life insurance money to replace that income.


The balance on a mortgage, and a policy length that covers the length of payments left.

College years

The amount you'd like to provide for college expenses, and a policy length that lasts through children's college years.

Other debts

Large debts that a spouse would have to pay off, and a policy length lasting through the anticipated end of those debts.

A funeral

The estimated cost of the kind of funeral you would want. If you want to provide these funds no matter when you die, choose a permanent life insurance policy such as whole life.

What determines life insurance quotes

Life insurance quotes are free, and it's good to get quotes from at least a few companies. Whether you're looking for term life insurance quotes or whole life insurance quotes, rates be based on your:

  • Age and gender
  • Current and past health conditions
  • Family health history (among parents and siblings; your cousin's heart condition doesn't matter)
  • Past and present prescription drugs taken
  • Motor vehicle record (speeding violations and DUIs)
  • Credit

If you do have health conditions, don't assume you can't buy life insurance. Life insurance is often readily available even for people who have some health problems.

Having life insurance in place is a great step in financial planning. There are dozens of life insurers offering competitive prices and a range of policy types to choose from.