The EverDrive Safe Driving Challenge is Here!

Posted Jul 10, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

The EverDrive Safe Driving Challenge is here. Don’t miss out on the chance to win cash for driving safe between June 12 and June 25, 2016. Download the app, buckle up and hit the road.

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EverDrive Safe Driving App 2.0 is Live!

Posted Apr 20, 2017 by Jason Metz

EverDrive 2.0 is here, a free mobile safe driving app that enables users to measure & improve driving skills. Updated version available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Vehicle Deaths in 2016 Estimated to be Highest in 9 Years

Posted Mar 17, 2017 by Ashley Kane

The National Safety Council announced their estimated traffic deaths for 2016. Approximately 40,200 people died in crashes last year, an increase of 6% over 2015 and a 14% increase since 2014. This is the highest amount in nearly a decade.

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Distracted Drivers Are Hiking Auto Insurance Rates

Posted Mar 02, 2017 by Ashley Kane

Distracted drivers are causing car insurance rates to rise. American drivers are on their phones texting, emailing, and using apps more than ever before, and they are getting into more accidents because of it. Insurers then need to raise rates.

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Millennials, Not Teens, Are the Most Distracted Drivers, AAA Study Finds

Posted Mar 01, 2017 by Ashley Kane

A new study finds that millennial drivers are the worst behaved drivers in the nation. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 88% of drivers aged 19 to 24 engage in risky driving behavior on the road.

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U.S. DOT Announces New Federal Committee of Automation

Posted Jan 18, 2017 by Ashley Kane

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is establishing a new advisory committee focused on automation across several modes. The committee plans to work on and discuss a number of different matters relating to automation and transportation.

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2016 Research: The Coolest as Well as the Scariest Stats

Posted Jan 17, 2017 by Ashley Kane

This year has been a momentous one for the car insurance and automotive industries. The first self-driving cars with public access hit the roads in Pittsburgh, and car insurance rates increased at the highest rate in 13 years.

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10 Big Things That Happened in the Auto Insurance & Car Industries in 2016

Posted Jan 10, 2017 by Ashley Kane

2016 was a very eventful year for the auto insurance and car industries. From the advancement of self-driving vehicles to an insurtech boom and a new transportation secretary—a lot happened in the past 12 months. Here’s a recap.

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Oregon, Texas & Washington Consider New Distracted Driving Laws

Posted Jan 09, 2017 by Ashley Kane

It may only be a few days into the new year, but multiple states are already looking to implement stricter distracted driving laws in 2017. Texas, Washington and Oregon are considering proposed bills that expand distracted driving legislation.

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Usage-Based Insurance Expected to Grow $123 Billion

Posted Jan 03, 2017 by Ashley Kane

A new study found that the global usage-based insurance market is expected to grow to $123 billion from 2016 to 2022. The growth is expected to be at a rate of 36.4% and North America will likely grow the fastest.

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