Non-Owner Car Insurance Explained

Posted Dec 01, 2017 by Amy Danise

Non-owner car insurance is a way to buy liability insurance if you don’t own a car. Here’s a simple explanation of non-owner car insurance and who needs it.

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Drowsy Driving Statistics Infographic: Risks & Dangers

Posted Jun 01, 2016 by Andrew Ressler

We all know the feeling – a bad night’s sleep, a long commute, an early morning drive – people drive drowsy every day. Yet are you aware of the serious dangers behind it? Here are some tips to keep you awake behind the wheel.

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What Should I Do if My Car Is Towed?

Posted Dec 02, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Let’s face it. We depend on our cars. We depend on them a lot. That’s why it’s so scary to walk out and find your parked car gone. Here are the steps to take if your car is towed.

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Why Is My Auto Insurance So High?

Posted Sep 02, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You’ve been paying way too much for car insurance and you feel it’s ridiculous. Maybe your premium spiked hundreds of dollars since your last renewal or your location changed and now you can no longer afford the rate hike.

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Auto Insurance for Older Cars

Posted Sep 01, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You might have thought all car insurance policies were similar. But insuring an old car isn’t necessarily the same as insuring a brand new make and model. There’s intrinsic value that comes along with an old car and here’s how to remain protected.

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9 Summer Driving Hazards

Posted Aug 25, 2015 by Ashley Kane

We’re in August and the summer is heating up with more humidity, beach days, and vacations.  Yet with all those activities, there are also more car insurance claims and vehicle damages. Enjoy the summer, just watch out for these hazards.

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Motorcycle Insurance: All You Need to Know

Posted Aug 24, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You love your bike. The freedom that comes with a weekend ride on the wide-open road can’t be matched with just anything. Of course, you also want your bike to be protected. Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance coverage.

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How Much Does a New Car Depreciate?

Posted Aug 17, 2015 by Ashley Kane

You’ve heard about depreciation, but do you know about its effects on new vehicles? It’s actually the greatest single car expense. Take a look at how devaluation works over time and weigh out the pros and cons to make the best decision for you.

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Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Posted Aug 14, 2015 by Ashley Kane

With the summer weather, more and more cyclists are on the roads. While you may be one yourself, or be frustrated with cyclists all together, here’s some tips on how to get along so everyone arrives safely. 

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Auto Insurance for Low-Income Drivers

Posted Jul 06, 2015 by Ashley Kane

There’s nothing cheap about owning a car. Between the upkeep of repairs, required maintenance like inspections and oil changes, the fluctuating cost of gas, and car insurance, it’s hardly affordable. What can low-income drivers do?

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