Car Insurance With a Suspended License

Posted Jan 16, 2018 by EverQuote staff

If your driver’s license was suspended, you may still need and want car insurance. Until you’re able to regain your driving privileges, there may be some options to keep your vehicle covered.

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High-Risk Car Insurance: Is It For You?

Posted Jan 05, 2018 by Jason Metz

High-risk auto insurance is for drivers who are more likely to get into car accidents and file claims. Here's a list of high-risk car insurance companies.

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Insurance Increases After a Speeding Ticket

Posted Jan 03, 2018 by Amy Danise

The average insurance increase after a speeding ticket is 26% nationwide. See the average rate difference in your state.

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Do You Have to Have Car Insurance? Alternatives by State

Posted Dec 22, 2017 by Amy Danise

Many states have alternatives to car insurance, but you’ll probably find buying insurance to be more convenient. Here are the options are where you live.

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How Does Car Insurance Work?

Posted Dec 20, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Find out how car insurance works, why you need it, what’s required and how to choose it.

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Liability Car Insurance: Why You Need It

Posted Dec 01, 2017 by Amy Danise

Liability car insurance pays out when you cause a car accident. It will pay for the medical bills and property damage for others. Here are important things to know about liability insurance for your car.

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Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance: Explanation and Prices

Posted Nov 30, 2017 by Amy Danise

Full coverage car insurance is a term used to describe an auto insurance policy that has liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. Here's an explanation and state-by-state insurance rate examples.

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SR-22 Insurance: What It Is and When You Need It

Posted Nov 30, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

If you need an SR-22, it isn’t the end of the world. Find out what an SR-22 is, how to get one and how much an SR-22 costs.

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Rideshare Insurance for Lyft and Uber Drivers

Posted Nov 29, 2017 by Amy Danise

If you drive for a company like Uber, you likely need additional insurance in case of accidents during the time your rideshare app is on but you don’t have a passenger yet. This time period is commonly called the “gap.” Many personal auto policies will not extend into this gap and the insurance provided by ridesharing companies is limited during this time.

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Gap Insurance Explained

Posted Nov 29, 2017 by Jason Metz

After a car accident that totals your vehicle, gap insurance pays for the difference between the amount of money you owe on your car loan or lease versus the actual cash value of the vehicle. It's an optional coverage that can be added if you have collision and comprehensive insurance. 

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