U.S. DOT Announces New Federal Committee of Automation

Posted Jan 18, 2017 by Ashley Kane

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is establishing a new advisory committee focused on automation across several modes. The committee plans to work on and discuss a number of different matters relating to automation and transportation.

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Distracted Driving Billboard Collection

Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Ashley Kane

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic. Drivers know it’s something that they shouldn’t do, but texting and driving still occurs each day. Here are the most creative billboards that encourage drivers to put the phone down.

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Auto Insurance Cost Will Likely Increase in 2016

Posted Dec 16, 2015 by Matt Cullen

Major auto insurance companies are increasing their premiums by 3.4% - 7.4%.

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9 Summer Driving Hazards

Posted Aug 25, 2015 by Ashley Kane

We’re in August and the summer is heating up with more humidity, beach days, and vacations.  Yet with all those activities, there are also more car insurance claims and vehicle damages. Enjoy the summer, just watch out for these hazards.

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End Drunk Driving with Technology

Posted Jun 10, 2015 by Ashley Kane

New innovative anti-drunk driving technology is on its way and it can help reduce and eliminate drunk driving altogether. There are also many mobile apps that can be used today.

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Uber, Lyft Gap Car Insurance Coverage

Posted Jun 08, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Transportation services like Uber and Lyft are changing the way we find rides from place to place. Now, certain auto insurance companies are giving these services the go-ahead with protection and coverage.

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Car Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Posted Feb 06, 2015 by Matt Cullen

Commuting in severe winter weather conditions can be both scary and dangerous for most drivers. Therefore, when doing so, it is important to be cognizant of the rules of the road. It can also be essential to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is well prepared.

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What Is Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)?

Posted Dec 17, 2014 by Alexis O'Connell

Car insurance companies that support UBI use telematics to discern individual driving behavior. Telematics is the combination of GPS and communication technology that allows information about a vehicle (and therefore its driver) to be transmitted to the insurer.

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How to Become an Uber or UberX Driver

Posted Dec 10, 2014 by Alexis O'Connell

Back in May, Uber calculated that, at its current rate, their platform generates 20,000 jobs per month. As the popularity of Uber and other ridesharing services (Lyft, Sidecar) takes off, and the companies boast their positive impact on the economy, many drivers have eagerly cashed in on the craze.

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Uber, Lyft - Ridesharing and Car Insurance, What's the Deal?

Posted Nov 07, 2014 by Alexis O'Connell

If you haven’t heard about the drama that ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft are causing among insurers, regulators, and traditional taxi companies, it’s time to get up to speed.

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