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Our mission is to empower insurance shoppers to better protect life's most important assets—their family, property, and future. Our vision is to use data and technology to make insurance simpler, more affordable and personalized, ultimately reducing cost and risk.

Who We Are


We bootstrap our growth. EverQuote was built as a bootstrap, largely funding our growth under our own power. Today, this approach continues to enable us to retain control over our destiny. With every new thing we do, we value speed to unit profitability and expect initiatives to drive increasing value as they scale.


We are tenacious entrepreneurs. We have fire and grit. We think constantly about reducing the friction and cost of protecting consumers' most important assests. We are impatient to change a massive industry and are energized about building a mammoth business as we do it.


We are data-driven. We expect discussions at all levels to be rooted in and guided by data and follow our north star of getting the consumer protected. We believe data democratizes decision making and enables us to embrace diversity of perspectives and direct, if not always comfortable, communication.


We are obsessed with execution. Effort matters, but consistent execution wins. We are proactive, solution-oriented owners focused on generating high value for our customers. We test, learn and adapt with urgency to execute against our ambitious goals.


We have fun working together. Goats are high achievers, but life is too short not to have fun and enjoy the company of our colleagues. We also recognize that collaboration is the key to our success. We seek to create a respectful and inclusive environment for all employees, partners and customers.

Learn more about our culture and teams at EverQuote Careers.

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