Life Insurance

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Posted Oct 04, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Life insurance may be one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. You want to be wary before purchasing the first desirable life insurance policy. Whole life insurance might be your best option.

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What To Do If Your Life Insurance Application Has Been Rejected

Posted Sep 27, 2017 by Jason Metz

If your life insurance application has been rejected, there are options. With a bit of research and understanding of how life insurance works, you can be on your way to finding a life insurance policy that fits your needs.

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What You Need to Know About Unclaimed Life Insurance

Posted Aug 22, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

There’s one truth that life insurance policyholders and prospective policyholders are not aware of: so many life insurance policies don’t get paid out. How is this an issue, and what can you do to make sure your life insurance policy doesn’t go unclaimed?

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Life Insurance After You Drop a Risky Hobby or Habit

Posted Aug 08, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Living a risky lifestyle can cause your life insurance to skyrocket. What classifies as risky and what happens if you decide to stop taking part in this activity?

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Cash-Value Life Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Posted Aug 07, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

When it comes down to it, life insurance is all about money: saving money, protecting money and assigning money to the right beneficiaries. Could cash-value life insurance be the most economical life insurance plan for you?

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Why Small Business Owners Need Life Insurance

Posted Jul 25, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Owning a business involves years of hard work and dedication. Without life insurance, all the labor you put in may go to waste if something happens to you.

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When to Consider Both Permanent and Term Life Insurance

Posted Jul 20, 2017 by Jason Metz

As your life evolves and your needs change, you may want additional life insurance coverage. The good news is you can carry both permanent and term policies.

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How Long Should Your Term Life Insurance Last?

Posted Jul 19, 2017 by Jason Metz

Life insurance can be broken down into two broad categories: term and permanent. If you’ve decided upon term life insurance, the next step is to determine how long your term life insurance should last.

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Figuring Out What Type of Life Insurance You Need

Posted Jul 11, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

The main reason people opt for one life insurance policy over another is due to its costs. Would you prefer a policy that will cost less now or will involve a larger payout in the end?

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What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Posted Jul 07, 2017 by Jason Metz

Indexed universal life insurance is a sub-type of a permanent life insurance policy. If you want some flexibility with your investments, indexed universal life insurance might be worth your consideration.

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