What is a Vehicle History Report

A Vehicle History Report (VHR) is a detailed report on a used vehicle that provides information about a particular car, boat, truck or RV.  In order to get a VHR you will need to supply the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


Why should I get a Vehicle History Report?

If you are about to buy a used car, you should be concerned about potential problems that you cannot easily see.  The information in the report may persuade you not to buy the car, or to buy it at a fair price.


What information does a Vehicle History Report Have?

A VHR typically has important information that will help you determine whether or not you might want to buy the vehicle.  If may have the following information

  • Current and previous owners
  • Previous vehicle collisions or accident history
  • Previous severe damages
  • Flood damages or fire damages
  • Odometer fraud
  • Theft
  • Title branding and Title lien and status


How do I get a Vehicle History Report (VHR)?

There are many private services available for requesting a VHR.  Usually you need the VIN, but some services will let you use the current license plate number.

One such service is http://www.carfax.com.


What is the difference between a Vehicle History Report vs. a Car Inspection?

A VHR can only tell you about issues with the car that have been recorded in an accessible database.  There are many potential maintenance / repair issues with used cards that won’t show up in a VHR.  Remember if the price seems too good to be true, then it just might be. 

It is also a good idea to research the history of recalls for the make/model through the site http://www.nhtsa.gov/.