The California Change of Address System

California has an online Change of Address system.  Eligible customers can submit their change of address for their California driver's license, ID card or for vehicles.  Note: If you change your address using this process, you cannot use the online driver's license renewal process.

  • There is no fee for using this service.
  • You must be a certified user with the DMV to use this service.
  • You must complete separate forms to change your license, registration and vehicle addresses.
  • New documents are NOT issued when you change your address.
  • You may also request for your voter registration to be changed at this time. 

Check back in 72 hours and select the "Check Status Update" to get a confirmation that your address has been changed.

Changing Address In Person or by Postal Mail

You may also change your address in person at any DMV office using the form DMV 14.  You can also use the same form to mail in your change of address.

Certified User with the DMV

To become a certified user, you will need the following information:

  • California driver's license or ID card number
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Issue date of your driver's license or ID card
  • Valid email address
  • Information tor 5 security questions and answers
  • A user ID of your choosing.  It must be between 6–40 characters and contain no spaces.
  • A password of your choosing. It must be between 8–20 characters, no spaces, at least 4 alpha characters and at least 1 numeric or 1 special character.  It is case sensitive and cannot be the same as your user ID.
  • Access to the internet.

Then visit the registration page and register online.  For more information, visit