Anyone, regardless of age or personal medical history can sign up at the Donate Life California Registry.

There is NO cost to the donor or their family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?
    • Simply check "Yes" when applying for or renewing your driver's license or ID.
    • You can also sign up online at the Donor Registry.
  • Will my church or religious organization object?
    • All major religions support or permit organ and tissue donations.
  • Will my body parts or organs be sold?
    • No, it is against federal law to sell organs or tissue.
  • How does it work?
    • First and foremost, emergency medical personnel make every effort to save the patient.
    • If that fails and two different doctors (who are not part of the transplant process) determine the patient is brain dead, then the hospital must refer the patient to the local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO).
    • The OPO, not the physician evaluates to determine if an organ donation is an option.
    • If eligible, the OPO will speak to the family and then the family will be notified if their loved one is registered as an organ donor.
    • After consent is granted by either the Donate Life California Registry or the family, the organs are recovered and used to help save lives of those on the organ transplant waiting list.
    • Families can proceed with regular funeral arrangements.