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Georgia Used Car Sales Tax & Fees

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It's important to know the sales taxes and fees you might have to pay if you're buying a car.

Georgia has no sales tax on new & used vehicles, but it does have a Title Ad Valorem tax of 7%.

Here are the typical fees in Georgia:

DMV or State Fees

  Title Transfer Fee $18  
  Registration / Tag Fee $20  
  Sales Tax n/a
  Ad Valorem Title Tax (TAVT) People who purchase a new or used vehicle pay a one-time Ad Valorem Title Tax. This is a tax based on the value of the car, not the sales price. The current TAVT rate is 7% of the fair market value of the vehicle in most Georgia counties. For more information go to Georgia's TAVT FAQS.

Dealership Fees

  Documentation Fees No specific limit Charged to cover administrative costs of the dealer related to the title, registration and other paperwork. By Georgia law, these fees are required to be part of the advertised purchase price.
  Advertising Fees Negotiable Check your invoice to see if your dealer is adding on fees related to their advertising. You may be able to negotiate these fees.


  Vehicle History Report Fees Varies by provider It's wise to get a vehicle history report when purchasing a used car. If your dealer doesn't provide one, there are plenty of companies you can use such as Carfax and AutoCheck.
  Pre-sale inspection Varies by inspection company A pre-purchase inspection is often done for used cars.  The purchaser usually pays. An inspection can uncover flaws that could change your decision to buy the car.

Updated Oct. 16, 2019

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes