When purchasing a new or used car, it is important to understand the different kinds of sales taxes and fees that you may be required to pay.  Some are required by the state, some by your dealer and some you may choose to pay.

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Here are the typical fees:

DMV or State Fees
  Title Transfer Fee $18  
  Registration / Tag Fee $20  
  Sales Tax --- Replaced by the Ad Valorem Title Tax
  Ad Valorem Title Tax (TAVT) For 2015, the TAVT rate is 7.0% of the fair market value of the vehicle. This is a onetime fee. For more information go to TAVT FAQS.
Dealership Fees
  Documentation Fees No specific limit. Charged to cover administrative costs of the dealer related to the title, registration and other paperwork. Find out the fee early in the buying process as it may be significant.  By Georgia law, these fees are required to be part of the advertised purchase price.
  Trade-in Fees Negotiable  
  Warranty Fees   Usually a basic warranty comes with the purchase of your vehicle. Your dealership may encourage you to buy extended warranties.
  Credit Insurance Fees    
  Advertising Fees Negotiable Check your invoice to see if your dealer is adding on fees related to their advertising. Usually you can negotiate these down or completely out.
  Vehicle History Report Fees Depends It is highly recommended to get a history report when purchasing a used car. If your dealer doesn't provide this for you, there are plenty of private firms that you can use. Refer to Vehicle History Reports for more information.
  Private Sales Fees    
  Pre-sale inspection Depends A pre-sale inspection is often done when purchasing a used car.  The purchaser is usually responsible for these fees. However, they may be well worth it if they uncover flaws that discourage you from buying the car.