New Resident - You have 30 days from the date you move to this state to register your motor vehicle, tractor, motorcycle or trailer and get a Georgia license plate. Register your vehicle at the Tax Commissioner's tag office in the county where you live. Check out the section on "Where you can Register your Vehicle" for more information about where to apply. 

Georgia Resident - You have 7 days from the date of purchase or acquisition of a motor vehicle, tractor, motorcycle or trailer to register and obtain a Georgia license plate or to transfer your existing valid Georgia license plate to your vehicle. You should register your vehicle at the Tax Commissioner's tag office in the county where you live. Get the address and telephone number of your county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office.

Penalties - If you fail to register your vehicle within 30 days of either establishing residency in this state or for Georgia residents, seven days from the purchase or acquisition date of the vehicle, you may be subject to fines up to $100 if law enforcement pulls you over.


Mailing Fee: $1
Mailing fee is due if your tag/renewal decal is to be mailed to you. Some counties require first time residents to register in-person.

Emissions Inspection Fee: Varies
The fee of an emissions inspection (metro-Atlanta counties only) varies between $10 - $25 and is posted on the station’s emission inspection sign. For additional information regarding emissions inspections, go to Clean Air Force to connect to the Georgia Clean Air Force's website or call 800-449-2471.

Title Fee: $18
If your vehicle is required to have a title in this state, you must apply for a title at the time of registration. Go to Obtaining Titles to see if your vehicle requires a Georgia title.

Title Penalty: $10
Title penalty is due if you fail to apply for a Georgia title, when a title is required, within 30 days of the vehicle's purchase or acquisition date. This fee is not due when your vehicle is currently titled or registered out-of-state or country in your name.

For more information or details visit general-registration-information.