The Illinois DMV provides an online method for renewing your driver's license if you are a safe driver and meet a list of requirements.  You can also renew on the phone or through postal mail.

Reasons for Not Being Eligible for Safe Driver Online Renewal

If any of the following statements are true, you are not eligible for an online renewal and will have to renew in person.

  • You hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
  • Your driver's license or privilege to obtain a driver's license is suspended, revoked, canceled or refused in any state.
  • You are not between the ages of 22 and 74.
  • Your license has been expired more than one year.
  • You participated in the Safe Driver Renewal program at your last renewal.
  • You have already renewed.
  • You are required to submit an updated medical and/or vision report.
  • You are a School Bus Permit holder.
  • Your driving record reflects any conviction, supervision, accident and/or withdrawal.
  • You have been prescribed corrective lenses (eyeglasses/contacts) for driving since your last renewal.
  • You wish to change the classification or restrictions on your driver's license.
  • You hold a driver's license in any other state.
  • Your driver's license is being held by a court in lieu of bail.
  • Your legal name or gender has changed.

Note: If your address has changed since you received your driver's license renewal notice, you must first submit a Change of Address form before your renewal.

Steps to Renew Your Driver's License Online

Before you renew your license, have the following handy:

  • Have your own access to the internet.
  • Have your renewal authorization number handy.  It is located at the top of your renewal notice that you should receive by mail or email.
  • Be prepared to pay with a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Expression or Discover).
  • Be prepared to pay an additional nominal payment processor fee. This is required because the credit companies processing fee is not legally able to be absorbed by the State's Office.

Visit SafeDriverWeb to begin the process.  

  • Enter your Renewal Authorization Number.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Pay with your credit card.
  • Print the confirmation page.  Your renewed license should arrive at your mailing address in 15 business days.

Changing Your Address Online for a Driver's License

By law, you must notify the Illinois Secretary of State's office within 10 days of an address or name change.

Note: If you want to change it on your physical driver's license/state ID, you will need to visit a Secretary of State facility in person.

Note: You will need to fill out two online forms: one to change your driver's license and one to change your vehicle's registration address.  They can both be done from the same starting page below.

Visit addrchange to begin the online process.