Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly does the law require me to change my address once I move?
    • 10 days
  • How much does it cost to have my address or name changed on my driver’s license?
    • The standard fee is $11 to change your address on your driver's license or ID card.  If you mail in the forms, you are also responsible for the postage paid.

Changing Your Address Online for a Driver's License

By law, you must notify the Illinois Secretary of State's office with 10 days when you address or name is changed.

Note: If you want to change it on your physical driver's license/State ID, you will need to visit a Secretary of State facility in person.

Note: You will need to fill out two online forms: one to change you drivers license and one to change your vehicle's registration addresses.  They can both be done from the same starting page below.

Visit addrchange to begin the online process. 

Change of Address In Person

You may also change your address at your local county tax office.  You will need to pay the same $11 fee.  Be prepared with your current driver's license or ID card.

Other License Changes

Name Changes

Name changes must be made in person at your local Secretary of State office.  You must do this within 10 days of the change.  Bring your current driver's license and your marriage certificate or other court order.

Gender Changes

This office does not require a court order to prove a change of gender. However, such a court order shall be considered as best evidence to process the gender change. A customer who requests a change in file information to reflect a gender change must provide at least one of the following:

  • Medical Report Form;
  • Psychiatric Report Form;
  • Physician’s statement or;
  • Other acceptable documentation to indicate that a change has taken place or the customer is in the process of undergoing the gender change.