You should receive a Renewal Form (RMV-2 Form) in the postal mail six to eight weeks before your current registration's expiration date.  If you have not received it, call at the numbers below under o ask for a form and to check on your address.

Note: if you have outstanding obligations such as parking tickets, child support, warrants, etc., you will not receive an RMV-2 Form until you have cleared them all.

If your address is correct and you still did not receive the renewal form, contact your insurance agent to get an MRV-3 Form completed by them to renew your registration.

Renewing Online

Renewing online is the easiest way to renew your registration.  

You must meet certain eligibility requirements.  If any of the following are true, you may NOT renew online.

  • Incorrect address on file.
  • Unpaid parking tickets, taxes or other unpaid fees.
  • Outstanding arrest warrants.
  • Unpaid child support.
  • A new insurance stamp is needed.
  • There may be other reasons that the online site may give you when you attempt to renew online.

What you need to register online

  • Plate Type and Plate Registration Number
  • Email address
  • Payment to be made using an E-check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards only. 

Visit the Online Renewal Site to complete your renewal.  It is recommended that your do this before 30 days before your expiration date so that you will receive the new stickers before your expiration date.  The stickers will be mailed to the address on file at the time of the transaction.

Renewal by Phone

If you are eligible to renew online, you are also able to renew by telephone.

Phone Number Why this number?

From Massachusetts area codes 339/617/781/857

800-858-3926 From all other Massachusetts area codes not listed above

From outside of Massachusetts

Renewal by Mail Without a Notice

Submit your RMV-2 or RMV-3 Form with the renewal fee (check or money order only) to the below address:

Attn: Mail-In Registration
Registry of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 55891
Boston, MA 02205-5891

Standard processing time is 30 days.

Renew In Person

When renewing by person you should bring the following to your local RMV branch office:

  • Completed for RMV-2 or RMV-3.


For details about any registration matter, you can read the section Title and Registration Information.