Massachusetts common traffic violations
This chart has been normalized so that all the numbers are ratios compared to the most common violation.

It's interesting to note that drivers are charged more often with a "speed contest" than with normal speeding.


Where does Massachusetts rank in violations compared to the nation?

Massachusetts traffic violations compare to the nation

If you have recent violations it will usually mean an increase in your auto insurance premiums.  Insurance companies look at your personal record and may also look at how your city or state compares to national averages.  The following data shows some interesting ratios of how often your state's residents are cited for particular violations compared to the national average.

As an example to understand this chart, in Massachusetts there are the same almost the same number of cited violations for "Other Minor" as across the nation.  Meanwhile, there are only about 1/5 as many seat belt violations. This does not necessarily mean that drivers from Massachusetts are more likely to wear their seat belts.  It could also mean that Massachusetts enforces less often or has less restrictive laws about seat belts.

Massachusetts has about 60% more chargeable accidents per capita than the national average.

Note: This data is based on approximately 1 million consumers that have visited EverQuote web sites and filled out forms seeking new auto insurance.  As such the data may be skewed due to the nature of self-reporting or fact that it is part of an online auto insurance quote form.