Check the Status of a Suspended License

You may check the status of your own driver's license online at the RMV site.

Reinstatement Information

For each kind of suspension or revocation, there are compliance requirements necessary to meet before you may be eligible to get your license active again.  You are likely also tp be required to pay fees.

Kinds of License Suspensions and Revocations

Three Speeding Tickets

If you receive three speeding tickets within a 12 month period (not a calendar year) you will get a mandatory 30-day suspension.

Three Surchargeable Events

If you receive three surchargeable events within a 24 month period you may have your license suspended.  Out of state events will be included in the calculation.

You must complete a Driver Retraining Course within 90 days of the RMV notification date to avoid suspension of your license.  If you don't complete the course in time, your license will be suspended until you finish the course and a $100 reinstatement fee will be imposed.  Each time you get a third surchargeable event within two years you will need to take the Driver Retraining Course, even if you have already completed it.

Seven Surchargeable Events

If you receive seven surchargeable events within a three year period your license will be suspended for 60 days.  Out of state events will be included in the calculation.

A $100 reinstatement fee will be required to be paid before your license can be reinstated.

Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)

If you receive three major moving violations or any combination of 12 major and minor violations within a five-year period, you are considered an HTO.  A four-year revocation is mandated.  Once the revocation period is finished, you will be required to take a full driver's license exam and pay a $500 reinstatement fee.


For more information about suspensions or revocations, read the Mass RMV Site here.