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EverQuote Insurance Trivia

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Think you know your insurance trivia?
You can find the answers to EverQuote's Insurance Trivia below.

Take a look and see how you did!



1) How many people have purchased Alien Abduction Insurance?

 a) 1,000b) 700c) 20,000 d) 9,000

2) Which company wrote the first Auto Insurance policy in 1897?

 a) State Farmb) Travelers c) The Hartfordd) Allstate

3) Which U.S. city was the most expensive to insure a vehicle in 2014?

 a) Jersey City, NJb) Detroit, MI c) New Orleans, LAd) Miami, FL

4) Which U.S. city was the least expensive to insure a vehicle in 2014?

 a) Rochester, NYb) Boise, IDc) Winston-Salem, NCd) Spokane, WA

5) Tom Jones, once considered a sex symbol, had his chest hair insured for:

 a) $250,000b) $7,000,000c) $1,000,000d) $750,000

6) In 2013 in the U.S., a vehicle was stolen every:

 a) 45 seconds b) 4 minutesc) 12 minutesd) 23 minutes

7) How many Honda Accords (most stolen vehicle in 2013), were reported “missing”?

 a) 6,745b) 53,995c) 28,923d) 103,888

8) How many written insurance policies did EverQuote deliver to its partners in 2015?

 a) 10,000b) 25,000c) 100,000d) 500,000

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