The Texas Course for Motorcycle Riders offers educational programs and is taught at three levels.


  • Basic Riders Course
    • This is for new riders to get a license.
    • Motorcycles are provided for the course.
      • You may need your own DOT approved helmet.
    • Prices are in the range of $200.00.
    • An MSF Course Completion may also earn you a discount on your motorcycle insurance.


  • Rider Course Intermediate
    • You must have basic skills already.
    • Enrollment fees vary


  • Riders Course Graduate Level
    • Range exercises improve basic skills and crash avoidance skills.
    • Braking and cornering are emphasized.
    • Riders use their own motorcycles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a motorcycle training course required for a motorcycle license?

Yes.  Successful completion of an approved Basic or Intermediate course is required for licensing.

Am I required to wear a Helmet while riding?

You should read the latest on the official Texas website for your answer.

Am I required to use turn signals on a motorcycle?

No. Turn signals are not required and are not a pass/fail requirement for an inspection.

What do I do when a traffic light doesn't change because my bike doesn't trigger it?

You may not proceed through a red light.  You will need to turn or otherwise find a legally and safe method to find another route.


Additional Info

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There are also specialty courses in the following:

  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • Sidecar Training
  • Trailing
  • Trike Training

To register for a course, visit here