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What Is A Branded Title?

Posted Jan. 16, 2019 by Jason Metz
A branded title is often given to a car with major damage, such as hail or flood damage, or if the vehicle was declared a total loss, a lemon or junk. Read more »

Totaled Cars: The Insurance Consequences

Posted Jan. 15, 2019 by Jason Metz
When the cost of repairs is more than a certain percentage of the value of your car, it could be declared a total loss. Read more »

Rideshare Insurance for Lyft and Uber Drivers

Posted Jan. 15, 2019 by Amy Danise
Rideshare insurance is special coverage for drivers for Uber, Lyft and similar services. Here's how it works. Read more »

Liability Car Insurance: The Essentials

Posted Jan. 11, 2019 by Amy Danise
Find out what liability insurance pays for, whether it’s required and what happens if you don't have it. Read more »

Types of Car Insurance Discounts

Posted Jan. 11, 2019 by Jason Metz
Looking to save money? Here are some of the most common car insurance discounts. Read more »

A Rebuilt Title Car: Roadworthy, But Can You Insure It?

Posted Jan. 11, 2019 by Jason Metz
Rebuilt title cars usually had salvage titles in the past and have been repaired to meet safety requirements. But there could be insurance hurdles. Read more »

What to Do After a Car Accident: 5 Steps

Posted Jan. 8, 2019 by Amy Danise
Use our interactive map to find out when you have to report an accident in your state. Plus, five things to do after an accident. Read more »

Types of Car Insurance

Posted Jan. 8, 2019 by Amy Danise
If you’re shopping for auto insurance, now is a good time to understand the types of car insurance coverage available. We break down the basics. Read more »

Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

Posted Jan. 7, 2019 by Amy Danise
There's no way to avoid a rate increase when you add a teen driver to your auto insurance, but there are ways to hold costs down. Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance Explained

Posted Dec. 7, 2018 by Amy Danise
Workers compensation insurance covers workers’ medical bills and some lost wages if they can’t work due to job-related injuries. Here’s how it works. Read more »