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How a Foundation Affects Homeowners Insurance

Posted Aug 21, 2017 by Jason Metz

There are a variety of factors that will affect your foundation, from simple house settling to droughts and earthquakes. It’s necessary to understand how your home’s foundation will affect your homeowners insurance and what may or may not be covered.

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Why Staying with Your Car Insurance Company Can Be a Good Thing

Posted Aug 18, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

You’ve probably seen advice on other insurance blogs or heard advice through auto insurers directly about how important it is to shop around for quotes. However, some people benefit from staying with the same auto insurer for an extended period of time.

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How Wiring Affects Homeowners Insurance

Posted Aug 17, 2017 by Jason Metz

With over half the housing stock being over 35 years old, electrical issues are increasingly a larger factor in residential fires. The type of wiring in your home will affect your homeowners insurance.

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How to File an Insurance Claim After a Fire

Posted Aug 14, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

If you’ve experienced a fire in your home, following these steps will make the claims process as simple as possible.

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Should You Pay More for Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Full coverage car insurance is more costly than a bare-bones policy, but it could make a significant difference if you experience an accident or damage to your vehicle due to outside forces.

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How to Make a Home Inventory Sheet

Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

If disaster strikes and you lose some of the valuables in your home, you might feel lost. If you have homeowners insurance, the best way to prepare for stolen or damaged goods is to create a home inventory sheet.

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Should You Buy Roadside Assistance Through Your Car Insurance Company?

Posted Aug 09, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

At some point in your life, you might need to get roadside assistance. Before you call up AAA to help, keep in mind that AAA and similar services are usually more expensive than simply purchasing roadside assistance through your insurance company.

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2017 Family Safe Driving Report

Posted Aug 08, 2017 by Seth Birnbaum

The 2017 Family Safe Driving Report surveyed 1,183 U.S. teen drivers ages 14-18(1) and 1,500 parents of teen drivers ages 14-18(2) to compare distracted driving behavior and sentiment among parents and teen drivers. The survey found that risky driving behavior seems to run in the family, and parents share some of the blame in teen distracted driving, as their driving habits may not be setting the best example for teen drivers.

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Life Insurance After You Drop a Risky Hobby or Habit

Posted Aug 08, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

Living a risky lifestyle can cause your life insurance to skyrocket. What classifies as risky and what happens if you decide to stop taking part in this activity?

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Cash-Value Life Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Posted Aug 07, 2017 by Alexa Goyette

When it comes down to it, life insurance is all about money: saving money, protecting money and assigning money to the right beneficiaries. Could cash-value life insurance be the most economical life insurance plan for you?

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