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Cheap Small Business Insurance

Amy Danise

Getting cheap small business insurance can help you put more money toward other business priorities. Here are a few key ways to find low-cost small business insurance.

  • Bundle policies. Buying multiple coverage types from the same company can often lead to a discount. For a small business, buying a business owners policy (BOP) is a common way to bundle coverage and get cheap business insurance.
  • Compare quotes. Spending a little time getting business insurance quotes can really pay off. Quotes will vary among companies for the same coverage, so get at least a few quotes so you can see what looks like a good deal.
  • Avoid claims. Keeping your workplace safe for both customers and workers can go a long way in holding rates down. Strategies for avoiding claims will vary by policy type. For example, ways to avoid workers comp claims are very different from ways to avoid cyber insurance claims.

Work with your business insurance agent. An agent can help you find discounts and ways to reduce the risk of claims. Just as importantly, they can help you find the right coverage types for your business. Not having the right insurance in place can become the costliest move in the long run.