Speed to Contact Is Critical for Acquiring New Clients

Posted August 21st, 2015 by Ashley Kane

There’s a lot of focus on the instantaneous in the modern world. We want information as soon as possible and for everything to move along at a fast pace. This applies to daily commutes in traffic, to purchasing decisions, and text message responses. It’s not an issue of patience; it’s about efficiency.

The same philosophy applies to sales and online leads. The importance of speed to contact has an unparalleled influence in acquiring new clients. In fact, contacting an online consumer referral within 1 minute exponentially increases conversion rates.

Speed Is Key

Agents have a 391% improvement on lead conversion when they call a prospect within 1 minute. Waiting just a half hour after receiving a lead brings that percentage down to 62% and an hour to 36%.

Optimize your chances of conversion by getting into contact with your leads as soon as possible. Lead referrals can help drive your success rate so why not enhance the process further?

Implement Speed to Contact in All Aspects

Speed is important in initial lead contact but it’s also essential to all parts of the sales process. You know what the client wants, so use that to your advantage and be prepared to give them exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Respond right away when a prospect calls back.

Show your availability and interest by responding to a prospect as soon as possible. Listen to them and develop a rapport. Know their needs.

  • Have a quote ready to deliver.

By having the prospect’s quote on hand, you can give them the knowledge they need and show that you’re able to assist them.

  • Always be prepared when a potential client calls back.

Have the information they’re looking for available and ready. Use your previous experiences to help forecast any questions they may have.

  • Follow through and follow up.

The speed to contact philosophy goes beyond phone calls. Follow through with everything – emails, voicemails, and applications. Be prompt. Use this for all facets of the sales process.

Achieve the Advantage:

Your ability to convert leads will significantly improve when contact is initiated right away. All leads not called in under a few minutes should be contacted within the hour. Why does this work? Individuals want information quickly. When they are searching for car insurance, they are looking to buy a policy because it’s mandatory. They know they need coverage and they need your help to find it.  Furthermore, if you are one of the first people to contact a lead, they will likely listen more attentively. By developing a relationship at that immediate contact point will help those leads remember you whether they decide to convert today, next week, or in a month.

88% of all leads that eventually convert were called within the first 24 hours.

Speed to contact is critical for acquiring new clients. When you receive an online lead referral, it’s important to act quickly and be in touch. This period can dramatically improve your conversion rate and the philosophy can be applied to the increase the effectiveness of the entire sales process. Start this practice today, and see results. 

Photo Credit (top image): Filter Forge, NanaBAgyei, Wikimedia, Billy Brown