Vintage cars are an investment you want protected. Keeping your classic car maintained and restored is one step. Whether you drive your car much or not, making sure you have the best classic car insurance policy in place is also important.

Why you need classic auto insurance

You can't settle for a regular car insurance policy for a vintage vehicle. Unlike regular cars, vintage cars gain value the older they get. Classic car insurance is a type of coverage tailored for these vehicles and their owners.

Liability insurance

Agreed value insurance

  • Allows you and your insurer to agree on your car's worth -- and will pay out all of this value if your car is totaled.

Collision and comprehensive coverage

  • Pays for damage to your vehicle following accidents, weather, fire, vandalism, animal collisions and other disasters. Also covers car theft.

Uninsured motorist insurance

Personal injury protection (PIP)

  • Covers your injuries regardless of who caused the accident.

Roadside assistance

  • Covers towing fees, flat tires, lockout services and battery jump-starts.

Trip interruption

  • Reimburses you for hotels, rental cars and meals if your trip is delayed after an accident

Auto show medical reimbursement

  • Covers the injuries of you and your family if you're injured at an auto show or other car event.

No attendance required

  • Covers the vehicle if you are away from it at an auto show.

Spare parts coverage

  • Covers car parts that may be hard to find.

Finding the best classic car insurance

To find the best classic car insurance company, look for the best coverage at a cost-efficient rate. Factors that can influence your insurance costs include:

  • How much you drive your automobile, if at all.
  • Any modifications you have on your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle's age.
  • What type of classic automobile it is, if not a traditional vintage car.


Classic car insurance companies

Insurer Details
American Modern
  • Covers many types of classic and old vehicles.
  • Offers "agreed value" total loss settlement, which does not take depreciation into account.
  • Coverage across 27 countries.
  • No mileage limit.
  • The Geico Insurance Agency sells classic car insurance from American Modern and Assurant.
Grundy Insurance
  • Insures most vehicles 25 years and older.
  • Muscle cars and exotic cars at any age.
  • Modified cars with customized engines, suspensions, and remodeled bodies.
Hagerty Insurance
  • Insures many types of antique, classic and modified vehicles.
  • Covers vehicles that are not used for daily driving.
  • Progressive offers classic car insurance from Hagerty.
Safeco Insurance
  • Go Ahead and Drive policy covers drivers who regularly drive their classic cars, with a limit of 10,000 miles annually.
  • A limited-use policy for less frequent drivers is available, with a limit of 5,000 annual miles.
State Farm
  • Classic cars that are used on a limited basis, primarily for shows and clubs.
  • Classic cars that are restored and maintained.