There are many good reasons to have an anti-theft device in your car. Thousands of cars are stolen every day, as well as their valuable parts including air bags, GPS and radio systems. Many new vehicles come equipped with anti-theft devices already, but in case you want one more convincing reason to install one—besides protecting your car from the thefts that occur every 44 seconds—consider the anti-theft discount on your car insurance.

How the Anti-Theft Discount on Car Insurance Works

Your insurance company wants to protect your car against theft just as much as you do. The aftermath of car theft is stressful for everybody and can easily be avoided with the various anti-theft options available today.

Most insurance companies are happy to see that their customers are taking the time to protect their vehicles. In exchange, most will offer an anti-theft car insurance discount to save you money with a range typically around 10-25%.

Variations on the discount depend on a few factors. Some companies offer one rate for manufacturer installed anti-theft devices, while others will provide a rate for devices installed after the car purchase. Car insurance quotes vary based on your state, car-theft rates and by the security level of your anti-theft device. It pays to look around at different carrier offers as some offer discount rates as low as 5%. By searching around, you can find higher percentages of savings.

Anti-theft devices come in a variety of forms. Before picking one for yourself, consider which features are important to you:

  • Alarm - audible warnings sounds upon tampering of vehicle
  • Keyless Lock Device - electronic coding device needed for vehicle use
  • VIN Etchings - Printing the vehicle identification number on various car parts (rear windows, door glass, sunroof) to make the car less valuable to thieves.
  • Passive and Non-Passive Anti-Theft Systems - keep the vehicle in an inoperable state if the correct signals from the ignition starter or fuel line are not received.

In choosing your anti-theft device, consider your discounts. There is a cost range in these devices and often, your insurance company may offer you the same discount for cheaper VIN Etchings (around $200 or $30 with AAA membership) versus the more expensive Passive systems (can be upwards of $500).

Protecting your vehicle pays off. Ask your carrier and search around for anti-theft deterrent discounts today so you’ll be prepared for the future.