Throughout the years, there have been many ways to save on auto insurance. Some have been obvious, such as avoiding traffic violations and not being involved in at-fault auto accidents.

However, over time, newer ways of saving on premium costs have also come to light. Some of these have come about due in large part to newer safety features that come standard on various vehicle models. One such feature is the daytime running lights -- which has led to the daytime running lights discount.

How to Obtain the Daytime Running Lights Auto Insurance Discount

If you have a newer model vehicle that came equipped with daytime running lights, then you should contact your auto insurance agent to inquire about the daytime running lights auto insurance discount. Many of the top auto insurance carriers are now providing discounts on their coverage to vehicle owners that have this particular feature.

This feature on vehicles has been shown statistically to reduce both head-on and side-impact collisions, which have in turn reduced risk - and therefore, cost - to many auto insurance companies. This has lead several top car insurance companies to add this to their list of car insurance discounts.

When discussing the DRL discount with your auto insurer, it is also a good idea to inquire about any other possible discounts that you may be eligible for. This particular discount will oftentimes tie in with discounts for simply owning a newer vehicle in general - which has become more popular over the years with auto insurance carriers. This is because newer vehicles are typically safer and in turn prove to be lower risk to insurers.

If a policyholder is eligible for more than just one discount on their coverage, the savings can really start to add up - ultimately leading to a great deal more money left over each year in your pocket.