Today, people are greatly concerned about the environment and clean technology. Because of this, there are many auto owners who are attempting to do their part in keeping the atmosphere and the earth as clean and safe as possible. While recycling is certainly one way to take part in this, the way that you purchase and handle your auto insurance is actually another. This is by going with more "green" auto insurance policy options.

How to Obtain a Green Vehicle Discount on Auto Insurance Coverage

With various auto insurance companies, policyholders may be entitled to a car insurance discount if they use online services rather than handling their insurance needs with paper. For example, policyholders may opt to use services such as electronic bill payment and online paperless policy viewing as versus having these documents and items mailed to them in the form of tangible paper. By being less wasteful - and in turn, saving the insurance company money - these individuals can obtain a premium discount on their coverage.

The benefits of this can even go beyond the premium discount that is received. For instance, policyholders will also obtain an additional savings by not having to purchase postage - and, they will have access to their information online at any time, making matters much more convenient.

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Do You Drive a "Green" Car?

Some policyholders may also drive an environmentally conscious vehicle. This, too, can save money on auto insurance premiums. Today, there are several automakers that have manufactured hybrid vehicle models. These car models may include "fuel friendly" autos, electric cars, and other clean road choices.

For the drivers of these types of vehicles, there are many auto insurance companies that will offer insurance premium discounts - typically of up to 5 percent - on coverage. So, in addition to driving in more fuel-efficient vehicles, those who own and operate these types of cars can also save on their insurance coverage.

When checking with your auto insurance company about obtaining a green vehicle discount, it is important to also inquire as to any other potential discounts that you may be eligible for such as a low mileage discount or defensive driving discount.

If you do qualify for multiple premium discounts, you could find that you'll save a great deal on auto insurance premium costs throughout the year - and ultimately keep much more of your money in your pocket.


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