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Military Discount

Ashley Kane

Are you currently serving as part of the U.S. military or have you previously served? Whether you’re enrolled in the Marines, Navy, or any other branch of the armed services, you deserve to know about the discounts available to you on auto insurance. These discounts are available for those on active duty, retired veterans, and in some cases, the rewards even extend to family members. 

How the Military Discount Works with Auto Insurance Coverage

The most important fact to remember is that not all car insurance companies are the same. They won’t all offer you the same quotes with similar cost savings. Most auto insurance companies offer military discounts, but it’s important to inquire about your options. Shop around for car insurance quotes. You may be eligible for up to a 15% discount on your total insurance premium.

Your location may be a factor in determining your savings. Some companies offer different military discounts by state. Others may not specifically identify the savings as a military discount, but they will reduce your premium for your service.

Speak with your agent and reach out to other auto insurance companies to find out where the current offers stand. If you are a member of a military association, you can also ask about further savings. There are insurance carriers that offer military discounts to members of various associations, including advocacy and family support groups.

As a member of the Armed Forces, relocation and reassignment can be stressful enough in daily life. Make sure you choose a provider who is there for you. While you will want to go for the steepest military discount to save money, don’t forget to ask about other policies and find about the flexibility of cancelling and reinstating insurance coverage due to deployment. You may also want to know that it is easy to switch agents if you have to move across the country.

There are several opportunities out there to save money as a member of the military. Saving every penny helps, and you deserve the discounts for all of your hard work, dedication, and service. Remember to reach out and ask questions to your agent or carrier so that these savings don’t pass you by.



Photo credits (top image): The U.S. Army (2), DVIDSHUB