There are numerous ways in which you could qualify for a car insurance price break. Some of these may be more obvious, and some are not. For example, many couples may not realize that they could qualify for the newly married discount on their car insurance coverage. But with this, and other potential discounts you could be entitled to, tying the knot could also save you a significant amount of cash.

How the Newly Married Discount for Auto Insurance Works

Most people are aware that for males who are age 25 and under, the cost of auto insurance can be quite high. This is because individuals in this particular age category are considered to be the most risky.

However, auto insurance rates will generally go down if a male gets married. With this in mind, if you have recently gotten married - or you will be getting married in the near future - it is important to contact your auto insurance company and inquire about the newly married discount, as you could save some money on your coverage.

You could also save some additional money if both spouses will be insuring their separate vehicles under the same auto insurance policy. In many cases, receiving a multi-car discount will cost less than insuring two individual vehicles on their own - especially if the two vehicles were previously being insured by two different insurance companies. The same holds true by having your homeowners or renter's insurance with the same company that holds your auto insurance policy.

When inquiring about the newly married discount, be sure to ask about any other possible car insurance discounts that you could be entitled to as well, such as the safe driver discount and / or the defensive driver discount - as having multiple discounts can really add up to a substantial amount of savings each year.



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