In the United States, many insurance companies will consider policyholders to be a "senior" when they turn age 50 - and with that comes certain privileges. For example, there are a number of discounts that seniors may qualify for on auto insurance.

Yet, while some of these premium discounts are deducted automatically once a policy holder reaches his or her 50th birthday, it is still a good idea to double check in order to ensure that you are receiving all of the discounts that you are entitled to. 

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Senior Auto Insurance Discounts

Just some of the senior discounts - also often referred to as mature discounts - that an individual over age 50 may be entitled to include the following:

  • Defensive Driver Discount - With the defensive driver discount, you may be entitled to a reduced premium if you have had not any traffic violations or accidents within a certain number of years.
  • Retired Discount - If you are age 55 or over and you are also retired, you may be able to obtain an auto insurance discount from various insurers.
  • Low Mileage Discount - Many seniors do not drive a high amount of miles each year in their vehicles. For this reason, they may be eligible to receive a low mileage discount from their car insurance carrier. This is because the fewer amount of miles that are driven, the lower the amount of risk a person poses to an auto insurance company.

Oftentimes, some auto insurance carriers will simply offer a premium discount to an insured just simply because an individual is over a certain age. This, too, is because a particular age group is considered to be a low risk.

When seeking a discount on auto insurance, it is important to inquire as to whether you may be eligible for more than just one. If so, the savings could add up to a substantial amount of money throughout the year.

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