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Car Insurance: 5 Tips for Getting the Best Rate

Alexis O'Connell

You’ve heard the slogans. Car insurance companies want you to believe that the way to get the lowest rate is by switching to their service.

The reality? Your personal habits affect your premium more than any deals or discounts. If you want to keep your rates low, no matter what coverage you have, start by looking within.

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How you drive isn’t the only influential factor. Your personal finances, your claims history, and even your willingness to share can impact your prices. In our short debut video, we’ll walk you through five steps you can take to keep your premium low.

We don’t like gimmicky promises, but two minutes could save you money on your car insurance in the long run.


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Today, we’re going to give you five tips for getting the best rate on your car insurance. There are ways for you to get a good, comprehensive auto insurance policy, while also paying a low rate for your coverage.

1. Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Avoid speeding tickets or any other type of reckless driving infraction. And remember, no texting or talking while driving! The longer you keep your driving record clean, the better your insurance premium is likely to become.

2. Don't Let Other People Drive Your Car

By letting other people drive your vehicle, you increase the risk of an accident. Multiple drivers create more risk—and more risk raises the cost of car insurance. Ensure that you are the sole driver of your vehicle to keep your auto insurance premium lower.

3. Pay Your Auto Insurance Premium Annually

The way you pay your premium can actually affect how much you pay for your coverage. Your insurer will charge more administrative fees if you pay more frequently. A one-time annual payment is the way to go.

4. Don't File Small Claims on Your Policy

Filing a lot of small claims against your policy will likely make your premium go up. Submitting claims that only exceed your policy's deductible by a small amount doesn’t make sense.

5. Pay Your Bills On Time to Keep Your Credit Score High

Your credit score does impact your car insurance premium. Over the past several years, auto insurers have correlated your risk as a driver with your credit history. In the eyes on an insurer, if you’re not responsible in paying your bills on time, you might not be a responsible driver.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you keep bills paid on time—and that you stay out of bankruptcy—to keep your credit score high. If your credit score improves over time, your auto insurance premium could decrease. Don’t be afraid to get a new quote if your credit score has recently changed, you may be happily surprised by the result!