There are several reasons why you may take an approved defensive driving course.  In some cases, you are required to take a course and in others, you may take one voluntarily for a personal benefit.

  • You want to reinstate your driver’s license.
  • You may be able to get a discount on your vehicle insurance.
  • You received a traffic ticket and have a court order.

If you choose traffic school for an eligible traffic offense and you complete the course by the due date, you should not get any points on your driving record.  Noncommercial license holders will then get a confidential conviction on their driving record.  You will have to pay the court an administrative fee and the traffic school a fee should you choose that option.  There is also a $3 TVS Program fee.

Traffic school may not be helpful for license issues or court orders if the following is true:

  • Alcohol-related offenses.
  • Commerical vehicle tickets.
  • Non-moving offenses such as parking tickets.
  • Offenses with a mandatory court appearance.
  • You've previously been enrolled in traffic school within the last 18 months.
  • Speeding violations in which the alleged speed is more than 25 miles over the speed limit.
  • Additional reasons.

Here is a list of Certified Defensive Driving Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic School Programs

Why would/should I go to traffic school?

Usually, a driver has been ordered by the court to do so in response to a traffic violation.  However, you may also enroll to reduce your auto insurance rates.

Is this the same as a Driver's Education course?

No, Driver's Education courses are required for new drivers to obtain their driver's license.  Any licensed driver may take a Defensive Driving course.

Does the course have to be approved by the DMV?

If you are only taking the course for self-education, it does not need to be approved.  But if you need it to fulfill requirements for a state-mandated course, or other driver's license related issues, it must be approved.

Can I take it online?

There are both online and offline courses.

Do I need a car to take the course?

These are classroom-based courses and you do not need to provide a vehicle for the course.


Driving Apps

There are also safe driving apps for your phone that can help you be a safer driver.