EverDrive For Drivers Education & Training

EverDrive for Drivers Education & Training

Are you ready for the road test?

EverDrive, a new, free app makes it easy for you to evaluate how you are doing behind the wheel. Available on Android and iOS phones, it runs in the background while you drive and measures you on 5 key factors of defensive driving.

Phone Distraction
Each trip summary includes details & a map of route driven.
Leaderboards show your score compared to other users & invited friends.
Cumulative score out of 100 reflects the total of all trips driven in the past two weeks.

  • EverDrive can be used to supplement your in-class and in-car driver's training.
  • You'll be confident on your road test.
  • Reminds you not to use your phone.
  • Shows you how often you have gone above the speed limit.
  • All driver information is private to the driver. We encourage students to share their scores with their instructors.


  • It's Free.  There is no fee to the school or to the student.

Be Better Behind the Wheel