Driver’s Manual

This manual will help individuals qualify for a Massachusetts Driver's License and become a safer driver.

Click here to download the full PDF version of the Massachusetts Drivers Manual.

Here's a list of the chapters in the Driving Manual:

  • Introduction & Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Obtaining Your License
  • Chapter 2 - Keeping Your License
  • Chapter 3 - Safety First
  • Chapter 5 - Rules of the Road
  • Chapter 6 - Special Driving Situations
  • Chapter 7 - Owning a Vehicle
  • Appendix A - Parties to the 1949 Road Traffic Convention and the 1943 Inter-American Automotive Traffic Convention
  • Appendix B - RMV Customer Services
  • Appendix C - RMV Full Service / Limited Service Branches
  • Appendix D - RMV License and Identification Cards
  • Appendix E - Street Signs
  • Appendix F - RMV Special Registration Plates

After studying, be sure to practice online before going for your test.  Several practices tests can be found here.

Parent- Supervised Driving Program

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual

Motorcycle Operator Manual

This manual gives instructions for obtaining a motorcycle license.