Dog Walker Insurance

Posted October 23rd, 2018 by Jason Metz

Whether you run a one-person dog-walking business or you have a team of walkers and offer pet-sitting services, there are several coverage types for dog walker insurance. For example, you may want coverage in case you lose a client's keys, or coverage in case a dog in your care bites someone.

A good way to get insurance for dog walkers and pet sitters is by combining several coverage types into one package with a business owners policy (BOP). A BOP generally packages general liability insurance and customizable coverages to meet business needs.

Problems covered by dog walker insurance

Basic dog walker insurance

There's no one-size-fits all approach to insurance for dog walkers. It's a good idea to talk with a business insurance agent about the potential problems specific to your business that you can cover with insurance.

General liability business insurance
This covers damage and injuries you accidentally cause while working. Also, if a dog bites someone or damages property while in your care, this covers injury and property damage lawsuits. It also typically pays for a legal defense, judgments and settlements.

Animal bailee (also called care, custody and control)
This typically covers claims if a dog in your care is injured, gets lost or dies.

Commercial vehicle insurance
If you're using a vehicle for business purposes, such as picking up dogs and taking them to the park, personal auto insurance typically won't cover business-related accidents.

Lost key coverage
If you lose a client's key, this pays to replace or rekey locks at a client's home.

Errors and omissions insurance
This covers lawsuits that say you did not provide a service that was promised or expected. For example, if a client claims you didn't show up for a walk and thus their dog soiled an expensive rug.

Workmans comp 
Covers medical expenses and some lost income if an employee becomes ill or injured from work-related tasks.