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Painters Insurance: Mix & Match a Policy

Jason Metz

Painters take on a wide variety of jobs, from commercial to residential projects, interior to exterior. When shopping for painters insurance, you can mix and match the coverage types that best fit business needs.

A great way to get insurance for painters is with a business owners policy (BOP). BOP insurance usually includes business general liability insurance, business interruption insurance, business property insurance and customizable coverage types.

Basic painters insurance coverage types

Business liability insurance – Painters liability insurance covers a business against lawsuits for property damage and injuries. For example, if a client slips and falls in a work area or paint spills on a customer's furniture.

Business interruption insurance (also known as business income) – If damage covered by the insurance policy, such as hail, fire, vandalism or theft, causes you to temporarily close or relocate, this covers the extra expenses. It can also replace lost business income.

Commercial property insurance – This covers your building and contents, which might include paint sprayers and ladders. If you run a painting business out of your home, you might consider an in-home business endorsement through your home insurance policy. Keep in mind, the endorsement might have lower coverage limits than a business policy.

Additional painters insurance coverage types

Commercial vehicle insurance
This covers a work vehicle. Personal auto insurance typically doesn't cover accidents while working. For example, if you're using a vehicle to transport paint supplies to a job, you'll need commercial auto.

Inland marine insurance
This covers supplies and equipment while they are in transit to a job site, such as paint sprayers.

Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage
If you rent, use or borrow a vehicle you don't own, this covers injuries and property damage. For example, you might rely on an employee-owned vehicle to get supplies to job sites.

Workers compensation insurance
If employees become ill or injured, this covers medical bills and disability insurance if they can't work.