A new report found that New Jersey drivers have paid the highest car insurance premiums in the nation for five consecutive years.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners analyzed premium rates from 2010 to 2014, and found that Garden State drivers pay much more than the national average for auto insurance rates.

In 2014, the most recent year studied, New Jersey drivers paid an average of $1,263 per car for auto insurance, while the national average that year was $866 per vehicle. Iowa had the lowest premium rate in 2014, with an average of $585 per car.

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Why the disparity? The report noted that New Jersey is predominantly urban, and thus, its rates aren’t directly comparable to states that have many rural areas. New Jersey also had a higher population density, with more people per square mile, so a higher number of car accidents than other states is to be expected. Additionally, the report said that New Jersey has paid out two to four times the national average in dividends to policyholders, so if that is taken into account, the average premium rate may be lower.

The state with the second highest average car insurance was Michigan, followed by New York.

Top 5 Most Expensive Rates 2014:

1.     New Jersey: $1,263

2.     Michigan: $1,227

3.     New York: $1,205

4.     D.C.: $1,192

5.     Florida: $1,141

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