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Auto Insurance Goes Paperless in a Digital Age

Ashley Kane

As more and more states pass proof laws, you no longer need to carry papers around with you to prove you have a car insurance carrier.

West Virginia just announced that physical proof of insurance would no longer be required to verify auto insurance at traffic stops or at the DMV starting June 18th 2015. Over 30 other states have already digitalized this identification process to paperless in order to ease all processes.

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Previously, paper car insurance identification was necessary but now electronic proof will be accepted. This makes it easier for drivers so that they can show up at the DMV and just take out their smartphone. All the same information is there in paperless form, including identification numbers and policy information.

Seeing how the majority of states require car insurance, this will hopefully keep all drivers prepared. That is, as long as you keep your smartphone charged.

These laws should also help prevent car insurance fraud.  Sometimes, drivers would get away without any car insurance coverage by stating that they forgot their identification card when pulled over or questioned. Now, there’s less chance of that and a higher chance of fines as police officers and the DMV accept paperless ID.

And don’t forget about the bonus eco-friendly benefits! By using technology available, we can save trees and paper. All of this translates to more money in your pocket (as well as your carrier’s). 


How to Find Your Digital ID?

Talk to your auto insurance provider. Many of the larger companies, such as Progressive and Allstate already have mobile apps with IDs and some of the lesser-known carriers have them too.

Even if your provider isn’t high tech enough to offer a mobile app, you can likely get a paperless ID through a PDF or an emailed version. This way you don’t have to carry around or risk losing your card.

Many states are opting for this paperless route simply for the blissful convenience. Now, if you lose your car insurance identification, you can simply go online instead of having to take time off of work or out of your schedule to go replace your lost card – a timesaving, green win!

Photo Credit (top image): Sheila in Moonducks, Mobile-Webaward, CC, Esurance

Photo Credit (inline): jenny downing