We’re all inundated with a constant stream of information. With the multitude of marketing tools out there, consumers have more contact with companies than ever before. While there may be some perks to this continuous communication, there certainly are some drawbacks. How are we supposed to decipher and sort through all the information we receive? How do we make the right decision?

EverQuote’s here to help. Allstate and Progressive are two of the largest car insurance carriers out there. Let’s take a look at how they compare. 

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Allstate Auto Insurance:

Allstate is the third largest carrier in the United States. Publicly held, the company offers auto, home, business, life, condo, renters, and motorcycle insurance. With such a range of insurance options, Allstate can be a good choice if you need multiple forms of coverage. They offer multi-policy discounts for combination of Auto/Home and Auto/Life which get you up to 25% off your premium.

Allstate has coverage levels to suit your needs, from comprehensive to uninsured motorist. Based on your state’s laws, they also allow you to adjust your deductibles and limits. They offer accident forgiveness, deductible awards, and will even send you Safe Driving Bonus Checks. However, you should check with an agent to see whether these perks are available in your state.allstate storefront sign

As far as discounts go, Allstate offers many of the typical ones from vehicle discounts (farm vehicle, anti-lock brake, new car, utility), lifestyle discounts (retirees, good students), and good driving discounts. Most of these will save you around 10%.

However, Allstate does not currently offer a military discount or any affinity organization discounts. You also don’t receive any discounts for insuring multiple vehicles through Allstate. They do offer a mobile app with accident assistance, bill pay, and emergency services, and access to insurance identification cards.


Progressive Auto Insurance:

Progressive is another large car insurance provider that also offers motorcycle, RV, boat, commercial vehicles, business, life, and select home insurance coverage. Unlike Allstate, they also offer Pet Insurance.

Progressive has a range of coverage options and gives multivehicle discounts as well as good student, multi-policy, military discounts and more. They do not offer Allstate’s anti-lock brakes or new car discount. They also offer a Name Your Price Tool to find car insurance closest to your budget.

frontend view of gray car clipartProgressive has a mobile app with billpay, claim reports, and emergency roadside assistance. With their program PerkShare, they offer car wash, car maintenance, radio, rental, outdoor and travel coupons.

Furthermore, you can save more with Progressive if you share your driving habits with them. The carrier offers a Pay as You Drive, usage-based insurance program, called SnapShot where “the better you drive, the more you can save.” A device is installed into your vehicle that measures how you drive based on time of day, acceleration, hard brakes, and length of time driving. Email updates will tell you how your rate is changing. That said, if you know you’re driving habits aren’t ideal behavior, then the small possibility of raising rates may not be the best option for you.


Who Wins?

Between Allstate and Progressive, the car insurance winner depends upon your individual situation. Based on your location, and your needs, one of these providers may come up with a better rate for you.

While Progressive offers the Pet insurance and multi-vehicle discounts that Allstate lacks, those discounts may not apply to your lifestyle anyways. Similarly, Allstate offers a new car discount and anti-lock brakes discount that Progressive doesn’t have.

Based on your needs and your lifestyle, try finding quotes from both companies to see which carrier offers the cheapest, and most inclusive, coverage for you. 

Photo credit (top image): Allstate, Progressive

Photo credit (in-line): Mike Mozart, Pixabay